What is PTM - Cloud?

Our platform is accessible via web browser and available to customers located throughout the world with any type of device. Taking advantage of our “PTM Cloud” application, we are dedicated to companies operating in logistics.
The application PTM - Cloud is a cloud based software tool for optimization and freight transportion planning in a network of nodes . More precisely, the algorithm identifies between all possible combinations of transport a subset of solutions particularly advantageous in terms of cost and efficiency based on a series of user-set criteria . This result is achieved by a minimization procedure of a cost function, customized according to the user's actual needs . The implementation of the data flow for both input and output is provided by a link with a protected SQL database .

The Algorithm

The algorithm optimizes the distribution of goods automatically associated with orders of pick-up and delivery according to a given objective function. The algorithm is able to handle deliveries and withdrawals of goods assigned to nodes based on a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles with different characteristics by the dates and the time windows at the points of intake and delivery.We designed it to be able to optimize the use of carriers with a complete solution and often better than that produced by the planning team and allowing the display of alternative solutions to the one found.
  • the maximum capacity of the vectors
  • load times and specific node drain
  • the cost per hour and cost per kilometer specific carrier
  • working hours of each node
  • hourly traffic bands
  • the minimization of the number of means employed
  • the maximization of the filling rate of each medium

    Main Features

    The PTM-Web application proposes an improvement in the management of the delivery schedule of the user's goods with particular reference to the following points:
  • optimization procedures
  • cost reduction
  • reduction of staff dedicated
  • reduction of time
  • reducing environmental impact
  • historical availability
  • available statistics
  • integration with data bases
  • traceability of all process steps

  • Tracking and summary

    The PTM – Cloud application serves as a platform to obtain current orders, track reports in advance, and is customizable to provide information related to extended periods of activity chosen by the user or to particular aspects such as, the performance of carriers, the cost, and the trend of freight traffic. These functions can be extended to real time management through the use of modules TRT and ARP.